Grilling Tips

Perfect Grilling Tips

P reheat the grill - wait until it is hot to begin
E nsure best results - start with brand quality meat
R etain flavorful juices - use tongs or a spatula
F lip steaks only once
E ach side should be grilled for half the total cooking time
C heck doneness with a meat thermometer
T ime to enjoy your meal

The Heat Is On

- For a distinctly grilled flavor, use charcoal. The grill should be hot before cooking begins. For medium heat, the charcoals should completely ash over.
- Test the temperature by holding your hand just above the cooking surface. If you can hold your hand there four seconds, it is ready.
- If using a gas grill, set it on medium 10 minutes before cooking.

Steps for Grilling
- Place the beef on a preheated grill (preheat for at least 15 minutes) or over moderately hot wood or coals about 3-5 inches away from heat source. If cooking frozen steaks, place the rack 5 - 6 inches from heat source.
- Grill until juices come through the uncooked top side (time depends on the thickness of the meat, the temperature of the heat source and the desired degree of doneness).
- Turn the beef using tongs or a spatula to avoid piercing the meat, and season the cooked side, if desired. Baste beef with marinade or sauce throughout cooking time, if desired.
- Continue cooking until beef reaches desired Degree of Doneness.
- Take the beef off the grill just a bit before it's “perfect”.
- Allow the beef to rest 10 minutes on a platter. As it does, the warm juices inside the steak continue cooking it to the desired doneness